Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Feel very sad in the sense

Thank you. may I have this for your life and personal life difficult for you to persuade me to like and strongly insisting. I hope you go and finding a boyfriend is more special than me. I knew I was not good enough for you

Unrequited love is like a kite string breaks.

About love is a matter of faith. It is also the question of mating. Humans only plan, but God that determines our mate.

Comes from the heart not the law. What more force.

The extent and depth of our love of any person, if he does not reciprocate, it is difficult to conclude the marriage.

Love is not always with matchmaking matchmaking but always with love.

Married person who loves us more than we love the other person. That's better than to marry the person we love but do not love us because it is easier to change our own position than others to change stance

Forgetting a person who is loved very difficult.

You will live together in time, when time is dead, the dead love.

True love is when we are still able to smile, while praying for happiness for him even if he has to let go.

If we love someone, we will always mendoakannya even though he was not on our side.

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